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White Racialist Reaction To Frazier Glenn Miller's Arrest For Murder

Update: Reaction from ANP Chairman Rocky Suhayda, who was actually a unit leader in the old White Patriot Party, now appended at the end of this post.

From the Johnson County Sheriff
The Craig Cobb meltdown in Leith, ND was so dispiriting that it caused me to lose interest in this blog and white racialism for over six months. However, the arrest of Frazier Glenn Miller causes me to activate this blog once again in order to rebut the lies and smears that will invariably be directed towards white racialists as a result of this tragedy. If Frazier Glenn Miller is proven to be guilty of these three murders beyond reasonable doubt in a court of law, it will be an ignominous end to a distinguished career as a white racialist for him. It will be used to launch campaigns to erode both First Amendment and Second Amendment freedoms not only for white racialists, but also for pro-family activists and paleoconservatives just as the SPLC has done in recent years. In their analysis of the Miller situation, the SPLC is already hysterically referring to "racist killers...hiding among us in plain sight" in an effort to exploit the situation and troll for increased donations to their cause. The SPLC even claims that "a forthcoming two-year study by the SPLC will show that nearly 100 people in the last five years have been murdered by active users on another prominent racist website,", even though many of them were undoubtedly banned from posting on Stormfront long before they took action.

Reaction from white racialists has been posted on Stormfront, the Vanguard News Network Forum, the American Nazi Party, Occidental Dissent, Covenant People's Ministry (Pastor Jeromy Visser's forum), and on WhiteNations. Endzog publishes what is called a "tribute" to Glenn Miller, which does not excuse what he allegedly did at Overland Park, but which attempts to ensure his previous activism is not ignored. Pastor Martin Lindstedt's seems to have disappeared from the Internet, perhaps taken down as recently as April 9th; Lindstedt was a major critic of Glenn Miller. Leading white racialist personalities holding forth include Don Black, Tom Metzger, Billy Roper, Hunter Wallace, and Harold Covington. Excerpts from these forums and people are posted after the jump:

A major discussion thread on Stormfront entitled "Shooting at Jewish Community Center & Jewish assisted living center in KS". It isn't until Page 10 that they learned Glenn Miller was the one arrested. Most people on Stormfront rigorously condemn Miller, and some have even volunteered to execute him.

From Stormfront webmaster Don Black:

I posted earlier before seeing the post about Glenn Miller.

I knew Glenn back in the 80s. I liked him, but I'd noticed he was something of an alcohol-driven blowhard. But I kept my opinion to myself, in the interest of "unity."

He'd later become a big-time snitch. After accepting money from The Order, he testified against them and others he said had also gotten money. The Order intended for him to also give some of their armored car loot to me, having decided he should be in charge of all "above-ground" organizations east of the Mississippi. I'd already been through a learning experience of my own with blowhard snitches, so I figured, "With friends like these..."

He seemed surprised I wouldn't let him post on Stormfront when he came back in 2005. So he had to go to VNN. Alex Linder was the only "White Nationalist" who would accept a snitch.

I noticed Glenn has most recently been praising Joseph Paul Franklin on VNN, calling him "America's greatest hero." Glenn had befriended him by phone, before Franklin was executed, apparently even putting him in touch with the SPLC, so he could denounce all of us as "mentally ill." He even mentioned having met David Duke and me back in 1969. He was actually the first "White Nationalist" I ever met, when we both lived in our home state of Alabama, which I described in another thread. My first and ongoing impression was that he was really sick and creepy.

Fortunately, I would meet real White Nationalist shortly afterward.

I gather Glenn must have been stung by VNNers' criticism (calling them "anonymous pussies"). They had kept asking him why he didn't follow his "greatest American hero."

From Billy Roper, a former National Alliance member and former candidate for Governor of Arkansas who once chaired the now-defunct White Revolution group:

"Some long-time advocates for our people might still remember the event a decade ago, when the organization which I chaired issued an ultimatum to the person who runs another forum [VNN Forum] that he must disassociate himself with the suspect under discussion, because the suspect was an admitted federal informant who had testified for the prosecution at the Ft. Smith sedition trials in 1988, along with other offenses. My ultimatum was rebuffed, and that forum was consequentially frozen and removed from my organization's servers. Some called that episode "The Christmas Coup of 2004". Whatever. The suspect is also, as has been correctly pointed out, an alcoholic, race mixer, and virulent anti-Christian. Suffice to say that the suspect and myself mutually considered one another enemies, both personally and politically. In point of fact, our last communication, years ago, involved shared expressions of interest in second amendment related activities. All that aside, his most recent (and hopefully final) was a disgraceful act, entirely in character. No matter how many tens of thousands of White Americans are murdered by nonWhites every year with little media attention, and regardless of the role of any specific group of them in the historical and ongoing genocide of our people, I am angered and disgusted by this act. I am, however, encouraged that others of sound mind and character have beaten me to the punch in expressing our sincere condolences for all of the victims of this crime, as well as our collective willingness to volunteer for the execution detail".

Here's the applicable portion of an e-mail sent by Tom Metzger, a former Democratic candidate for Congress who's now the webmaster for The Insurgence. The e-mail was published on Stormfront:

He was a rat that testified against others. Slandered the order. Years ago married to a gook and had a half breed kid. Said he was Green Beret in Viet Nam but was only a supply Sargent. Was an alcoholic. I warned VNN to dump him. Now VNN will have to pay. He raved about saving White Christians but ends up killing one Jew and two Christians. More right wing insanity.

A major discussion thread on the Vanguard News Network Forum entitled "Shooting at Jewish Community Center & Jewish assisted living center in KS." Because Miller was such an integral part of VNN, webmaster Alex Linder is wisely maintaining a low profile at this point. Hunter Wallace, who posted as Brad Griffin on VNN Forum, was promptly banned when he revealed that Glenn Miller was arrested. Many posters believe Miller snapped and went over the edge. Some are concerned this will play directly into the hands of ZOG. Others think the Stormfront crowd is trying to throw Miller under the bus. Here is a very thoughtful post by former National Alliance Cincinnati Unit Coordinator Robert Ransdell:

I am just floored to hear this news, just floored, and very sad.

A previous poster mentioned he may have learned news of an illness, In the short time since hearing about this that makes more sense than anything I can imagine or think of.

I was really hoping to see him run for office again as he has in years past. I know I was one of many who thought his interview a few years back with that scumbag Howard Stern was just excellent.

It will be very sad to see him shackled by the enemy, he had a good-ole-boy way of speaking and such but I have always thought him to have a lot going upstairs as well.

When you take our ideals and principles to heart and really feel true anger and truly are sick and tired of seeing the parasite just run amok over our people the way in which they do, everything, the race mixing, the various and numerous forms of government BS, the banking and economic thieves, just the fucking lies constantly being told and then parroted back by so many among the population, a ton of rage can be there and continue to build, perhaps Glenn just couldn't put down the rage any longer, it is sad because I felt he had the mentality that he was very happy to be a thorn in their asses with his activism and such, running for office, who knows what happened that lead him to do this.

Just a sad evening for me though, never met the man, and with the exceptions of a couple PM's with him asking for his advice and experiences running for office I only posted with him back and forth like the rest of you.

I know some, many WN actually, have some issue with him for one thing or the other, perhaps this action he took, but I hope those in our ranks can just keep discussion regarding the incident here civil and not just bash the hell out of the man. He did something stupid, no doubt, but we all know what it is like to live in this rotten world the Jews have created for us, one thing you have to say about Mr. Miller, it made him as sick or more so as any of the rest of us.

Also I hope we can take something positive from all of this. We need to work on not bashing each other all the time, Glenn did his fair share of that for sure, no doubt about it. But my friends we are all in the same boat, we are sick of this Jewish pigpen our nation has turned into and want to live in a healthier world, it is going to take a lot of work struggle and time to make the progress that will need to be made toward that end, in the meantime we need to support each other, check up on each other and boost moral whenever possible, it is tough living in this world today if you choose not to go along with the Jewish destroyers and their plan for our people, this type of environment should be a place for lively discussion of the issues we care about but should also be a refuge, a place where we can all agree that we have the basic things in common, we are not submitting to the enemy or going to sleep either, and unlike in the outside world in these environments online we are around other people who know what is going on and who have altogether common beliefs and thoughts.

You see so much sickness out in this rotten Jewish world today, we all need to have a time and place where we can resolve to take a break from that and that time is when you surround yourself with others of like mind, friends and comrades.

I am rambling, I guess what I am trying to say is that I just don't want to see anymore of our people driven over the edge by the Jews and their filthy and rotten way they have destroyed and continue to destroy our people - if it could help to provide folks with hope that we do stand a chance to prevail over this awful beast, then I think making certain to not let arguments between WN over this or that issue get to the point where each side is at each others necks would be worth it. Let's try to leave our angst and anger over what is going on out there in that Jewish hellhole at the door, at least to the extent that we do not let that frustration make us lash out at our own for some trivial nonsense.

Again just very sad for Mr. Miller, he must have lost all hope or something.

SA Mann posted this brief but succinct tribute to Miller's previous activism:

Glenn Miller has more guts and courage in his little finger then these keyboard warriors have in their entire body. The man pulled two tours in Viet Nam with the Green Berets, was at Greensboro in 1979, headed the 5,000 plus White Patriots Party, was publisher of several editions of TAA [The Aryan Alternative], raised countless thousands of dollars for White POWs.

There were two posts by Hunter Wallace on Occidental Dissent. The first one, "Glenn Miller of VNN Forum Arrested For Kansas Shooting", attracted over 140 comments and is the primary discussion thread. In the second post entitled "L’Affaire Glenn Miller", Wallace denies that he is throwing Miller under the bus, and says there was nothing in his recent posts on VNN Forum that indicated to him that Miller was contemplating doing anything like this. He puts forth a three-part theory as to why he thinks Miller snapped:

1.) First, Glenn Miller thought the 14-year-old child and his grandfather were Jewish, and his hero Alex Linder has consistently advocated his “principled solution” of exterminating the Jews for 10 years now, so Glenn assumed that by acting to exterminate the Jews he would win the admiration of his peers at VNN Forum.

2.) Second, Alex Linder has identified Christian morality as a major obstacle to the dehumanization and extermination of the Jews, and Glenn Miller swallowed that psychopathic nonsense, and as a result he wasn’t restrained by the Ten Commandments when he opened fire on the 14-year-old child and his grandfather.

3.) Third, Glenn Miller wouldn’t have chosen to “go out in a blaze of glory” if he had any confidence in his peer group to reverse our racial and cultural decline. He was probably demoralized by interacting with his cowardly peers on VNN Forum. His actions suggest that he lashed out in rage at the “GD kikes” like another one of his heroes, Adolf Hitler, because he was depressed and had given up hope.

On Thoughtcrime, Northwest Front spokesman Harold Covington was relatively restrained despite the fact that he has been a target of verbal abuse by Glenn Miller for over 10 years. Covington writes the following:

Please bear in mind that Frazier Glenn Miller testified against people like Bob Miles and Louis Beam at the Fort Smith Sedition Trial of 1988 and against Doug Sheets and Jack Jackson in 1989. I also rather doubt that the media will make much of the fact that Miller spent almost 15 years hiding in the Federal Witness Protection Program and the name “Frazier Glenn Cross” was apparently the identity given to him by the United States government and the FBI.

If you have an issue with ZOG, don't go after ZOGlings. Handle it the way Cliven Bundy and his supporters did in Nevada. Bundy got militia activists and some politicians to appear on the scene; the counterpressure forced ZOG to back down and slink away with their tails between their legs. Shooting up Holocaust museums, interracial couples, and Jewish community centers is wasteful, destructive, and immoral.

Update April 15th: Since this post was published, American Nazi Party Chairman Rocky Suhayda has published his perspective. Rocky actually knew Glenn Miller back in the WPP days -- he was Unit Leader 101 of the White Patriot Party. Here's the pertinent part of the ANP's April 14th report:

I knew "Glenn Miller" back in the 1980's when I was Unit Leader 101 of the White Patriot Party. Often I drove halfway across the country each month to attend marches and rallies, with my Comrades in tow. The White Patriot Party WAS a SUCCESS - NOT "because" of Glenn Miller - but, BECAUSE of the people who made up the organization itself, and that quarter of a million dollars that 'The Order' Comrades gave Miller certainly didn't hurt. That's probably the BIGGEST stumbling block that faces any organization from succeeding - the LACK of serious FUNDING - and the WPP had it.

They could AFFORD to outfit their people with uniforms, with hundreds of flags on ten foot poles, with scores of recorded "White Power" telephone message units, with gas monies to attend events, with sound equipment, with a professionally printed monthly newspaper, etc et al. But, it WASN'T "because" of Glenn Miller. In fact, when he was finally caught and arrested, he TURNED OVER - ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND zog-bucks - that Robert Mathews had donated to him, to the Feds!

I'll tell you WHAT Mr. Glenn Miller CAN be credited for - the DEMISE of an organization that could put 500 White Patriots on the street, looking professional. The WPP - COULD have BECOME a REAL political party at that point. But, NO! "Sgt. Miller" just HAD to introduce WEAPONS and open PARA-MILITARY training into the mix. He wanted to PLAY "SOLDIER" - and it all wound up bringing the heat down upon the organization - until it disbanded, after a number of GOOD PEOPLE went to prison, over avoidable charges. Then Miller got drunk again, and sent out a "DECLARATION of WAR" - hid out in a trailer in B F Egypt, until he was arrested PEACEFULLY by the Feds, despite having a boatload of illegal weaponry in the tin-can with him - hence the road downward to Fort Smith to save his own sorry, pathetic ass. His "excuse" in one of his self-promoting books was - "put yourself in my shoes". Sorry but the shoes of a RACE TRAITOR and a BACK STABBER won't fit ME, Glenn.


americafarm said...

Glad you are back! Very strange case, this. I notice C of CC has an article that links Bill White and Miller. As far as I know, Bill White always has been anti-KKK and his writings on Glenn Miller were not flattering.

Google "Bill White on Glenn Miller"
or see:

Anonymous said...

AA, if I may I would like to comment upon your six months leave, having become dis-spirited over this "movements" failures. I myself have been ACTIVE for over 40 years, I don't know how long you have been involved. I have often felt as you do - but, I think your feelings come from putting to much hope in the losers who are "prominent personalities" throughout this "movement". Haven't you realized by now that THEY are the REASON for our failure? You can't make a silk purse out of a cows ear, the old saying goes. Its certainly true here. The Cobb thing was a forgone conclusion from the outset. Media whores aren't ones for the intelligent, long, slow haul necessary for creating anything. This "movement" has been a literal CIRCUS for as long as I can remember. Its changing now, as the freaks and con men disappear. YOU can play a part in creating the NEW movement, if you wish - simply flush the OLD crap, and concentrate upon building something BETTER in its place. ROCK 88!

Anonymous said...


Russell A. James said...

Good to see you back. You've been missed!

Anchorage Activist said...

Thanks to those who are glad I'm back. The meltdown of Craig Cobb made me wonder if it was all worth it.

Cobb's strategy of building a PLE community within driving distance of oil fields which could provide affordable jobs to WNs was brilliant, but his tactics backfired. He should have been more subtle, following the examples of the successful PLE communities in Kalispell and La Crescenta. Cobb was in Kalispell for a while -- he KNOWS how a PLE community should be run.

Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.

New Empire Knights said...

Miller is not a white nationalist.

Anonymous said...

Very glad you are back AA!

Im sorry, but this incident REEKS of a ZOG false flag! We all know Miller's history; testifying at Ft.Smith and being an FBI informant. We also know he was unstable and had a drinking problem. And.....NONE of those killed at this "Jewish Center" were JEWS! What are the odds?
Now Scuzzy Mark Potok from $PLC is giving his "expert advice" to the media, as well as other "anti-hate" types chiming in. Sorry, i cant take this incident at face value.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 6:02 PM: I cannot rule out the possibility of a false flag incident. Miller was always attentive to legality when he was in charge of distributing VNN newspapers. This seems out of character for him.

americafarm said...

I believe the woman victim most likely was an ethnic Jew. She looked like Tootsie (Dustin Hoffman in drag) and some reports say she was visiting her mother in the Jewish old folk's home.