Monday, February 11, 2013

White Female Escort In Pensacola Posts Personal Ad On Backpage.Com, Says "No Blacks" Need Respond

Found a rather intriguing story posted on the F2 Anonboard. A white female escort from Pensacola, FL posted a personal ad on Ordinarily, I'd give escorts short shrift; the health and safety risks of that profession are just too great for it to deserve any credibility. But this ad is just a little bit different than most similar ads. Here's a screenshot:

Click image to enlarge or go HERE for original.

Look at the end of the main paragraph. NO BLACKS! Unfortunately, there's a "Report Ad" link on the page, so one must wonder how long it will be allowed to stay up. Update February 12th: Clicking on the link now takes you to a different ad, so the original ad must have been taken down.

O.K., so Morgan is an escort, and she's probably never even heard of Dr. William Pierce. But doggone it, she's got some good racial instincts. She obviously senses that hooking up with blacks for sex is problematic at best. And note that she refers to herself as Russian; if she's an immigrant, it would explain her entry-level race consciousness and her willingness to be open about it. Russians have a greater tendency to be race conscious.

I'll take a small victory like this once in a while.


Anonymous said...

Yikes! Even hookers have some racial awareness. Yes, we all know blacks are more likely to have STDs. The media has to be careful when it covers HIV/AIDS and blacks. Something like at least half the new HIV cases in the USA are in blacks. If the jewsmedia focuses on it too much, it might hinder their race mixing agenda. If they dont cover it enough, "deys racis" LOL. Furthering the whole "conspiracy" that AIDS was created by White scientists to exterminate blacks.

Also, "Russian" in Florida might mean the same as "Russian" in New York. Not Russian at all. Like the "Russian" mafia. Even if she's not real Russian, just shows that many (probably most) jews dont like blacks either, despite all the jewish civil rights activity. Not many jews actually live near blacks you know. Diversity is for the White goyim.

Anonymous said...

They don't like blacks because blacks have a tendency to abuse prostitutes and leave without paying, not out of racial consciousness, just saying.

Anonymous said...


She has free speech to say whatever she likes to say!As for Duluth,Mn there is a code of silence among law enforcement reaches all the way to the FBI and if law enforcement go's after whites regardless of whether or not
a white man has committed a crime,the obama administration looks the other way!!!!or should I say DOJ.Medical Professions are trained to be loyal and not say anything.More to follow! Aryan14/88

Anonymous said...

black men are ugly and look like apes. despite what the media promotes interricial dating is not common and most folk deep down know it is wrong and un-natural.

Likes Blondes said...

Come on, Baby! Let's make LOTS of White babies!

Gerry said...

When you want to have enjoyment that escorts can give, you must consider checking their backgrounds, whether they are clean to avoid the chance of acquiring STDs. Seeking the service of a clean african escort can let you have a terrific time while not risking yourself of dangerous HIV.

Candy Palmer said...

It's probably because blacks (not in any way racist or something) have big dicks. There are many escorts out there that refuse to receive clients or even allow anal because their dick is too big.

I've heard Gold Coast escorts who accept many clients regardless of race or even gender.