Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Trojan Horse: Hungarian Jobbik Party Activist Csanad Szegedi, Alleged To Be "Anti-Semitic", Confirms He's Jewish And Resigns From The Party

Hungarian nationalists have discovered a trojan horse in their midst after the "trojan horse" self-outed. Csanad Szegedi, who was the vice-president of Hungary's far-right Jobbik Party, resigned in July 2012 from all party positions and gave up his Jobbik membership after he publicly confirmed rumors that he is Jewish. But what specifically triggered his resignation was revelations that he attempted to bribe someone to keep his Jewish roots quiet; Jobbik wants Szegedi to resign his seat in the European Parliament as well, although Jobbik says its issue is the suspected bribery rather than his Jewish roots. Szegedi has been accused of anti-Semitism because he allegedly accused Jews of buying up the country, complained about the Jewishness of the political elite, and claimed Jews were desecrating national symbols.

Following weeks of Internet rumors, Szegedi acknowledged in June that his grandparents on his mother's side were Jews, which makes him Jewish under Jewish law and Isarel's Law of Return, even though he doesn't practice the faith. His grandmother, Magdolna Klein, was an Auschwitz survivor and his grandfather a veteran of forced labor camps. It is only now that the story has been picked internationally by the New York Times.

The bribery issue is revealed in an audio tape of a 2010 meeting between Szegedi and Zoltan Ambrus, a convicted felon. Ambrus is heard telling Szegedi that he has documents proving Szegedi is Jewish. Szegedi acted genuinely surprised by the news, and appeared to offer EU funds and a possible EU job to Ambrus to hush it up. Ambrus apparently rejected the bribes, and explained that he secretly taped the conversation as part of an internal Jobbik power struggle aimed at ousting Szegedi from a local party leadership post. Szegedi acknowledges that the meeting took place but contends the tape was altered in unspecified ways. It should be noted that Ambrus previously served time in prison on a weapons and explosives conviction. Szegedi had been a member of Jobbik since 2009 and is one of the party's three MPs in the European Parliament.

Well, Ambrus got what he bargained for -- and then some. Szegedi is not only out of the local leadership post, but out of the party as well. Now that he's outed himself, Szegedi looks like he's going full-throttle Jew once again. On Friday August 3rd, Szegedi visited Rabbi Slomó Köves, the head of the Egységes Magyarországi Izraelita Hitközség, and apologized to the Hungarian Jewish Community for all the "bad things" he did while serving in the Jobbik party, and pledged to make a pilgrimage to Auschwitz as a form of symbolic "penance".

Walk it off, lampshade.

Additional reaction on this Stormfront thread and on VNN Forum. Most agree that Szegedi knew of his Jewish origins and attempted to suppress the information.


Anonymous said...

So, Hungary has its own Frank Collins/Cohn.

No way do I believe this guy didnt know he was jewish.

Maybe his grandma knew Elie the Weasel Wiesel, he of the missing tattoo. Since they were both Hungarian holohoax "victims."

I know its easy for me to say from afar, but I hope the Hungarian WN Movement can move forward, leave this Trojan jewhorse behind. Yes, it happened, but it shouldnt diminish the cause.

mary sullivan said...

so what if he was a Jew if he did not want to kill the White race. we need as many Jews as we can get, to expose the Jews to other Jews, and stop the genocide of Whites

Anonymous said...

Mary, I have to disagree. You really want "as many jews as we can get.?" You really trust having jews "on our side?"

I dont think that's very realistic. Also, we dont need to rely on jews to expose other jews. There has been a hell of a lot of work done by our people that has exposed the jews for what they are.

Anonymous said...

Mary's comment is the position of the ANP.

Anonymous said...

While your all wrapped up about jews infiltrating the movement, how about concerning ourselves with scumbags like this satanist NSM leader in Nevada, who's raped that 13 year old girl? How did HE ever get to be a state leader of anything, much less even in our movement? Does this creep 'represent' YOU, he certainly doesn't represent ME! As ANP Chairman Suhayda has clearly demanded often before, lets clean up and flush our own ranks, before we start pointing fingers at the 'others'. If not, we are a bunch of hypocrites. Terry Nagy Heil Hitler!

Anonymous said...

Time to PURGE this movement of the human turds that infest it. Lets start with the LEADERSHIP and work our way down. Having been around for quite a while, the only real leader of any quality in this entire movement is this Rocky dude. He talks straight, and he's not into all this can't we get along bullshit. Anybody who attacks him, is either a creep or a sytemite troll in my mind. If anyone is serious about WN, I suggest that they get behind the American Nazi Party and give them their solid support. Who else is there? I'm not really thrilled by the use of nazi in their name, I wish they would use National Socialist, but at this stage of the game, they're the best, most honest thing going. I'm too old to don a costume and march around in public, but from now on in I'm throwing my support in their direction. All the rest are worse than a waste, they are obviously useless and dangerous. Rick and Joy Petree